Keble College Dining Hall Lighting
With Francesco Miniati Lighting Design

Original Field of Architecture was asked by Keble College to assess the existing lighting in the Dining Hall and provide a feasibility study highlighting the potential development of a new architectural lighting solution.

The project brief is defined as follows;


  • Identify architectural significance and spatial qualities to be enhanced with new lighting.
  • Identify moods / uses / behaviours within the Hall.
  • Identify level of visual lighting comfort to be achieved – glare, colour, unwanted reflections.
  • Identify target light levels to be achieved for each areas.
  • Identify levels of luminance contrasts to be achieved and establish a hierarchy of contrasts
  • Achieve high degree of visual comfort and glare control
  • Lighting controls to be simple and user friendly – possibility to create a limited number of scenarios (2/3) using a minimal number of switches or dimmers.
  • Consideration of access and maintenance for light repairs and light source replacement, including product life span.
  • Achieve good levels of colour rendering and consistency.
  • Light fittings to be inconspicuous and enhance historical features
  • Light fitting location and fixing to be considerate of the existing structures.