OFA in RIBA Journal

This month’s RIBA Journal has an article about the decarbonisation of Wolfson College’s Powell and Moya campus.  In the article Andrew explains how Zero Carbon was achieved.  It’s a really interesting article which highlights the challenges faced when decarbonising brutalist buildings.  The positive take away is that it is possible!  All thanks to a visionary and tenacious team.

  Decarbonising Wolfson College Oxford | RIBAJ

A visit from Oxford Brookes University students

A group of architectural students from Oxford Brookes University  came to discuss their final third year projects with us. It was very interesting to see their projects and for them to share their ideas with us. Their site is in Blackpool where they are reusing an existing building on the waterfront

Site visit to St Clare's with OBU students

OFA organised a site visit to St Clare’s construction site with third-year architecture students from Oxford Brookes University. Peter joined as the students’ supervisor. We had a walk around with the project director Joelle to see the progress of the project, as well as the various challenges of working with existing buildings and architects’ responses to these constraints. Selin shared her experiences as a Part 2 assistant and answered the questions of the final-year students.

Why adapt our homes to rising temperatures?

OFA attended a seminar in Kellogg College talking about negative effects of heat on our bodies and lives and how we can protect our homes in the future from overheating

Trailblazing women in construction

Constructing Excellence organised an afternoon of women speakers celebrating and sharing their achievements, stories and experiences working in the construction industry.  It was at times a rollercoaster of ups and downs looking at eye-wateringly bad statistics and lack of diversity at every level of the industry but a real indication of slow but gradual change that 93 women and 3 men met to discuss it.  Inspirational speakers from a wide range of backgrounds.  


Gold star for all those that guessed the stair location – Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford


Stunning stair, guess the building?

Progress on St Clare's

The new canopy and entry is taking shape- the rooflight framing is complete and zinc cladding starts next week 

Trinity College- Dining Hall Ceiling

This week the scaffolding in the Trinity College- Dining Hall has finally been completed. The acoustic treatment of the ceiling can now begin. It was a great opportunity to look at this centuries- old ceiling up close.


OFA welcomed  office first baby, Leah.

Claire Harris Hall nears completion

The Claire Harris Hall at the Hope and Faith School in Ng’ombe, Lusaka, Zambia is nearing completion.  Ng’ombe is a former cattle ranch now home to 65,000 people and the hall will give much-needed teaching, dining and sports facilities for the growing school.  Energy is generated by PV’s on the roof which will give a degree of resilience for the school in an area where power outages are frequent.  We are really pleased to have been able to help out with drafting and liaison with the team in Lusaka and are delighted to see the opening date is planned for later this year with a grand opening in September by the President of Zambia.   

A site tour to the St Peter's College

Yesterday, OFA had a chance for a visit and site tour to the Castle Hill House Redevelopment at St Peter’s College. The session was insightful and very interesting to look at the implementation of Passivhaus on site!