OFA welcomed  office first baby, Leah.

Claire Harris Hall nears completion

The Claire Harris Hall at the Hope and Faith School in Ng’ombe, Lusaka, Zambia is nearing completion.  Ng’ombe is a former cattle ranch now home to 65,000 people and the hall will give much-needed teaching, dining and sports facilities for the growing school.  Energy is generated by PV’s on the roof which will give a degree of resilience for the school in an area where power outages are frequent.  We are really pleased to have been able to help out with drafting and liaison with the team in Lusaka and are delighted to see the opening date is planned for later this year with a grand opening in September by the President of Zambia.   

A site tour to the St Peter's College

Yesterday, OFA had a chance for a visit and site tour to the Castle Hill House Redevelopment at St Peter’s College. The session was insightful and very interesting to look at the implementation of Passivhaus on site!

OFA’s day trip to a beautiful college campus

This week OFA had the pleasure of making a day trip to a beautiful college based in the south of England. Although it was a bit chilly, but the views and the beautiful architecture made up for it.

The Thatch planning

OFA are delighted to be working with MAX Fordham on this heat decarbonisation project at Kellogg College

The Thatch planning

Happy to start the New Year with planning application for a new classroom and renovation of existing buildings on the estate of a school in the Cotswolds.

St Clare's Hoarding Board

We have now closed the office for the Christmas break and will be reopening on 3rd January 2023

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2023 to everyone, we look forward to working with you in 2023

Season’s Greetings!

The hoarding board we designed for St Clare’s is up! It is one of our ongoing projects on site. Have a look through the pin holes 👀

Dalmatian Building

The Annexe at Wolfson College is being externally insulated as part of the first phase of decarbonising their subsidiary estate.  The spots are covering the mechanical fixings securing the external breathable insulation, next the top-coat.  The whole project includes installing heat pumps, new windows and radiators, loft insulation and external or internal insulation of eight buildings, is due for completion in April 2023

OFA's Christmas dinner

OFA is celebrating Christmas !

It's official: Raghav is an architect

Congratulation to Raghav on the completion of his registration as an architect. Time to celebrate!