Trinity College, Oxford
Library Refurbishment

Trinity College’s War Memorial Library, which boasts a Neo-classical design, is Grade II listed. The library is divided into two levels, the Upper and Lower Library, each with a distinct character. The Upper Library, with its barrel-vaulted ceiling, timber bookcases, and large sash windows facing the west, is the most significant part of the building in terms of historical importance. The impressive windows have a substantial impact on both the interior and exterior of the library. On the other hand, the Lower Library was originally designed for book storage and has a more functional design with lower ceilings and simple furnishings.

The project involved a comprehensive refurbishment, including the installation of double-glazed window panes, interior refurbishment with new electrical and lighting systems, decoration, flooring, shelving, and desks. The previous lighting system, which was uninspiring and ineffective, was upgraded to a responsive and subtle lighting scheme that complements the classical library interior. The bookshelves and desks were accentuated with additional lighting, while the upper library ceiling is evenly washed with light across the vault. The result is a refreshing and crisp interior that gives the library a new lease of life.